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Ayurveda Massage

Massage these days is not the same anymore. Unlike few years back, when massages were done for curing and one could drivedecent health benefits from it, Rubs Spa offers massages to its guests to luxuriate and relax their body and soul.An Ayurveda massage is undoubtedly the most powerful massage for relaxation and stress relief.Ayurveda Massage is an ancient massage practiced for driving stress out of your body. The massage is known for its healing and lazing powers. At Rubs Spa the massage is done to decrease stress levels and boost the your mental and physical harmony. An Ayurveda Massage can aid in weight loss and relive you from stress. ‘Ayurveda’ primarily means ‘Science of Life’. It is one of the most ancient massage practices in the world.

The ancient lifestyle practice targets to erect euphony within the body. Ayurveda massage is mainly practiced in India since 400 years. The massage form covers your whole body with natural oils and clearance products. It involves movements such as squeezing, tapping and kneading. However, therapists at Rubs Spa determine the movements according to the requirements and special ailments of the guest.

Benefits of the Ayurveda Massage

Massage sometimes works as the most prominent factor behind the relaxation of your body and soul, this gives our guests ample amount of reasons to visit our luxurious spa and get an Ayurveda massage. If you have heard about the Ayurveda massage before then you must be knowing that the massage is quite different from other massage techniques. Scroll down and you are just a step away from discovering the benefits of the massage.

  • An Ayurveda Massage is meant to ensure a perfect balance between your body and mind.
  • The massage is highly relaxing and slackens your muscles that unwinds the body and takes you to a heavenly state of mind.
  • The ancient massage system has been designed to help you with stress relief
  • The oils used are specially crafted to enhance your overall well-being

How does the Massage Begins

This is one of the most searched questions on the internet. If this is your first time to Rubs Spa for an Ayurveda Massage you must be wandering ‘How does the Massage Begins?’ The therapy will begin with a consultation with your massage therapist. You must inform him/her if you have any injuries on any part of the body. After the confidential lifestyle and health consultation you will be asked to lie down on the professional massage table.

The Ayurveda massage can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, however you can customize the massage by consulting the therapist. You will be covered with a soft towel and the therapist will apply light heated massage oil on your body. It is then carried out with long strokes with the palms and forearms.

Rubs Spa recommends you to take off your jewelry and other such ornaments as them may make your feel uncomfortable during the massage session. Bear in mind that you are going to feel extremely relaxed after the Ayurveda therapy, so have a great time at the elegant atmosphere of Rubs Spa!

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