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Bachelorette Spa Party

By Rubs Spa

A wedding is one of the best blessings of life. This is the time when you are most excited and hurling towards a new start. But what about the aftermost bachelorette days? As the wedding bells make the tingling noise your stress levels would grow up and leave you craving for a dose of relaxation.

Needless to say, your bachelorette days are still the happiest ones that allow you to gossip with your mates with an open heart. Every special day is just an excuse to be happier and add more piquancy to your upcoming married life.

Our spa packages allow you to experience the complete day of pampering and retreat. They services pack a dosage of relaxation. You can spare some quality time to spend with your friends and loved ones. Rubs Spa has a wide range of packages that cosset you from head to toe.

Our experts are here to kick off all your wedding stress and anxiety. Rubs Spa is a relaxation center that drives you into a zone of relaxation and tranquil. Our massage and spa service packages are designed to take great care of you and assure that you are pampered. The therapist can fuse a variety of therapies that can make you feel rejuvenated and reposed before the wedding day. The treatment given at Rubs Spa enhances your beauty from the outer as well as the inner side of the body. The fusion of the steam and sauna leaves lets you feel fresh and detoxified.

Rubs Spa dispels you to offer moments of glee and relaxation to the upcoming bride as well as her friends. We offer a special care to the girl and her gang. Once you select from the package, our therapist would customize it, in order to extract better results.

Our menu comprises of a broad array of massage services that include- facials, massages, wet treatments, hair solutions, foot massage, spa treatments and other therapies. Moreover, we have a special range of packages that make the perfect gift for any such occasion.

The therapies provided are carefully designed to offer a heavenly effect on your body and soul. As per studies, the massages offered are shown to create a good balance between your heart, soul, and kidney. You can anytime customize the therapies as per your needs.

Who doesn’t love body wraps! You cannot ignore the importance of these. As the body is covered with herbs and scents to leave you in a state of utmost peace. The aroma oils appease the body and soul. Therefore, to look as never before, you must book a bachelorette party in Mumbai.

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