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Benefits of Aromatherapy

The impact of Aromatherapy is well known to those who have been experiencing it since a long time. An Aromatherapy is a great way to boost your overall health and build a healthy state of mind. The best thing about an aromatherapy is that it is performed with the use of natural essential oils which have a legion of benefits. Most of the people are wondering about the benefits of an Aromatherapy. Why? Because the therapy has a lot of therapeutic benefits which might leave you to wonder ‘how it works’.

Rubs Spa has dedicated this post to you for detailing the benefits of Aromatherapy.

What are Essential Oils

A lot of people wonder what these essential oils are. We understand your concern, as it is natural to get a detailing of these oils before visiting the spa for your next massage session.

Essential Oils are naturally extricated from the barks, stems, leaves, flowers, roots and other parts of plants. These are no less than a medicine which is highly effective for boosting your mood and overall well-being.

When used during an Aromatherapy the oils turn out to have a lot of positive effects on your skin, heal ailments and drive you to a state of relaxation. These oils are a powerful antiseptic lotion packing a lot of healing elements.

Essentials oils are not just lotions which smell marvelous, they aid in healing your muscle tissue, enhance skin tone and drive you towards tranquil. Essential oils used in Rubs Spa are completely natural and have a positive effect on your hormone system.

Benefits of Aromatherapy


Eliminates Anxiety

The components in an essential oil such as rose, bergamot, lavender and plant extracts can succor in reducing anxiety through their aroma. These oils have been proven helpful in reducing stress levels during pregnancy. Studies have evinced that women who take an Aromatherapy before labor are more likely to be affected by stress and anxiety.

Reduce Depression

The aroma of the essential oils used in an Aromatherapy is highly effective in eliminating depression. The therapy leads to release of hormones that provide unbend your body and soul. Essential oils help in making you optimistic, joyous and releases anti-depressant hormones.

Induce a Better Sleep

The plant extracts involved in an Aromatherapy are great at impelling a better sleep. Lavender, sage, root, frankincense and bergamot are known to deaden stress and make the body move to a heavenly state. Thus, you will experience better sleep cycles.

Relieve Headache

Aromatherapy is a natural remedy for getting rid of a headache. Instead of using unnatural ways of curing a headache try out an Aromatherapy. Essentials oils are great pain killers which kick off your headache without any side effects.

Rubs Spa offers its guests the opportunity to try out all the essential oils and then decide which one works the best. So, next time you are into our spa we can help you discover the best essential oil for an aromatherapy.


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