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Corporate Massages

Bringing the Spa experience to your corporate event is fun yet easy. However, this can be a very good thing for your business. But do you realize what would happen if your employees do not function well? Bring Rubs Spa to make your corporate event, wellness or recognition event, employee appreciation and spa parties in your workplace a great one.

We bring the spa retreat to your location. Instead of hosting a spa party at a foot state location you can invite your employees and co-workers at your comfort zone. You may choose a resort, a beach or your favorite place. Our therapists are effective at creating a spa-like atmosphere anywhere.

As per the Labor bureaus and industries, the overall performance of companies depends on the health of their employees. A massage or spa party would be the best gift one could give to his subordinates.  As you may be aware of the fact that Massage has been known to reduce the signs of stress and anxiety. Studies at the American Institute for Stress has proven that a major portion of the employees is unable to attend the workplace due to stress and anxiety. Probably the most common cause of the low performance of your employees is the physical or mental strain.

Therefore, a Massage would be effective to drive a person towards a better health and well-being. Rubs Spa offers you a perfect combination of a stress relieving and work-enhancing massage at your own place. You can get an ideal spa party program designed by our therapists. We deliver stress reducing and relaxing spa services at your workplace or some other destination.

A Spa party can be a great way to welcome your new CEO, reward your team for some achievements, ring in the new fiscal year and make other office parties. You can get a spa party package designed by us at your selected party place.

The list of advantages of a Corporate Spa party event is never ending! But the motive of every corporate party is to develop an atmosphere for enhancement of workforce and motivating the employees to hit the goals of the company even faster. While every corporate event has its own theme and flow, we have therapists that are always psyched to follow your lead.  

Event Massage is a Boon

A Massage has a wide range of benefits. These include managing stress, anxiety, fighting against blood pressure, boost the immune system, enhance the flow of blood in the body and more. Once brought to the corporate level a Massage can work wonders and make your customers glad.

Custom Massage Events

One of the biggest challenges of hosting a Corporate Spa party or event is finding a trustworthy spa service provider. Most of us are aware of Spa networks that offer massage at their place. However, it would not suit your event needs.

Therefore, Rubs Spa has been emerging as the best on-site massage service provider in Mumbai. Here one can find therapists with a genial attitude. Our professionals are quite effective at creating a spa-like aura at your favorite location. Book an appointment and watch us perform the bodywork.

Rubs Spa is ideal for the below mentioned corporate events:

Employee Appreciation, Promotional Events, Mandatory Overtime, Company Picnics,  Teacher Appreciation Week, Engineers Week Meetings, Seminars, Staff Appreciation, Wellness Events, Golf Tournaments, Office Parties Health Fairs & Convention Booth Promotion


Rubs Spa makes a Great promotional Source

A corporate spa party and event massage service is a sumptuous way to promote your business. Here are the reasons why.

  • The customers would appreciate you for the pinch of relaxation.
  • If you are willing to target a trade fair, conventions or grand openings our massage service would be the center of attraction.
  • We have hosted a broad array of corporate events. You can lead our therapists to develop a spa at your booth or business space.

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