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Despite multiple alternatives, a Corporate Spa party is one the best thing on the planet that promotes health and wellness.

Are you seeking for a source to shower a dose of relaxation into your corporate event? If ‘Yes’ then we are here to customize your party with the healing touch of a massage and other spa services. You can plan a get together with your co-workers and employees at your own place and offer us a chance to provide you with the best spa services. A corporate Spa Party allows your employees to spend personal time with their colleagues while reposing their body and mind. This would be one of the biggest innovation from your company towards building a great team experience. Appointing Rubs Spa for hosting a Spa Party for your workers is like rewarding their hard work and consistency.

Rubs Spa is a relaxation and home massage center where one can find enough space to bring their body and soul to a state of leisure. Offering the best on-site spa service is our prime Moto. You can call us anytime to book a spa session for corporate events, exhibitions and more. While we are always ready to follow your lead, our therapists are quite effective at creating a spa-like environment at your place. Therefore you can host a corporate spa party for your employees at your favorite destination. The Spa package created by our therapists aim towards enhancing overall well-being, unwind and enliven.

A workplace massage has a wide range of benefits. Here are a few of them.

  • Boost your employee morale
  • Decrease or eliminate muscle cramps and other injuries
  • Revitalize the body as well as the mind.
  • The healing touch neutralizes the high tech environment and brings you to a state of relaxation

Trade Shows

Trade show massages and spa services help drive up your sales. Ultimately, who likes a refuse a dose of relaxation and tranquil. A Massage service would surely enthrall your visitors


Are you able to attract clients towards your convention or booth because your impressing strategies are well optimized?

Corporate Events

Bringing the Spa experience to your corporate event is fun yet easy. However, this can be a very good thing for your business

Benefits of a Corporate Massage

Creating something that is the center of attraction in a corporate event is difficult, but there is one aspect that can help your trade fair or convention dazzle visitors. A Spa party lets the customers get into a relaxed state and show some interest in your products thereafter.

One of the biggest challenges of being a business owner is taking care of your employees. Most of us are aware of sources that help increase employee morale. However, it takes a lot of time and does not work all the time.

A Corporate spa party is a perfect solution to decrease stress and motivate your employees. Rubs Spa offers you the spa experience at your business event or corporate party. You can gift your employees and customers a customized massage service that invigorates and reposes stress levels. 

How your employees benefit            

  • A massage session would definitely lower your blood pressure levels and heart rate.
  • Make you more alert and enhance energy levels.
  • Lowers your anxiety levels.
  • The tensed shoulder muscles, neck muscles and back muscles can be relaxed.
  • Enhances the immune system.

How your Company benefits

  • There would be fewer chances of an injury claim
  • Lowers the absent rate of your employees.
  • Positively affects the turnover.
  • Drives up the production line.
  • A boost in the morale of the employees at the workplace.
  • Tex deductible employee advantages.

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Build enthusiasm for work in your employees with a corporate spa party!  

  • Create the Spa environment anywhere– A Corporate massage service portrays your love for your subordinates. Moreover, at Rubs Spa corporates can find an on-site massage service. The spa atmosphere can be easily created within a limited space. We would provide you with all the equipment for the set up whether outdoors or within your company.
  • We care for your convenience… At Rubs Spa we care for the ease of our corporate clients. You just need to get in touch with us and you are ready to go. We make it up to your event location or workplace. Now you do not need to bear the street hassle nor the long wait.
  • Same more time– Our clients experience the moments of glee is as little as the first quarter of the massage session. Besides one can find a pre-scheduled assistance.
  • No privacy issues- We care about your privacy! The therapists perform the part of bodywork through the apparel.
  • Highly cost-effective & fits your budget– Rubs Spa has corporate wellness programs that are within your financial plans.
  • Healing Hands you can trust– We have highly experienced and certified massage therapists that can lead you towards a state of tranquil and halcyon. Therapists are well trained to take care of a wide range of situations and surrounding. Many of our corporate clients have happily reviewed our service to be a great one. You can even customize the spa services for your corporate event.

Are you a Business Owner or Manager looking forward to Reward your Subordinates?

Did you know your company’s performance depends on how happy your employees are?’ Rubs Spa can turn your spa party into a huge hit. Our therapists are great at offering spa services at your selected destination. You can offer your employees a rejuvenating and de-stressing massage service. 

We provide you the ideal setting for all corporate spa parties. Enjoy a spa like atmosphere anywhere you feel like. Just get in touch with us through phone or email and you are ready to go.

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