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Massage for your Feet

Foot Reflexology Massage or Feet Massage is an important part of your weekly regime. This might sound something fascinating as you may be unaware of the fact that a feet massage is related to your intestines and pain relieving.

This is something beyond your imagination as feet is the center of boosting your health and well-being. I have often heard people asking me for a massage that heals constipation. Are such of a kind? If yes then the massage is for you. When you visit the therapist for healing such ailments he/she will recommend you a foot massage.

Here you are free to read the benefits and techniques of a foot reflexology massage. Simply scroll down and you are ready to go. You can even try out a foot massage at home with the help of the guidelines below.

How to do a Foot Massage at Home

Before the massage begins you need to prepare your feet for the practice. Put your feet in warm water for about 10 minutes and then wipe off the water till your skin gets dry.

Massage the entire feet

This is the first step of beginning a massage at home. You need to apply essential oils on your feet or you can even perform the massage dry. Now gently apply pressure on your feet through your thumb.

Begin the Massage Session

Solar Plexus Point is located at the center of your foot. This is the most powerful point responsible for relaxation and enhanced well-being. Press these points with your thumb in order to go ahead with the massage.

 Brace the Reflex Points

Reflex points are found on your hands and feet. You need to stimulate these points in order to kick off stress. Work on these areas by pressing hard using your thumbs. The harder you apply pressure on these points the more results you will get.

Conclude with Feather Strokes

Feather Strokes does not mean executing a therapy with the help of a feather. This means lightly applying pressure on your feet. Before finishing off the massage gently rub the reflex points with your thumbs.

Prime Centers of the Foot

Foot massage can be performed effectively only if you are aware of the important points of your foot that need special attention during the massage. Here are some of the foot reflexology points. Knowing them could take your massage to a superior level.

Tip of the Toes– These are connected with your head and brain

Center of the Toes– Your center of the toes are related with your pituitary gland

Base of the Big Toe– Thyroid Gland connects to the bottom of toe.

Furrow of the Toes– These points are connected with your neck and shoulders.

Center Ball of Foot– You may have felt the center of the ball of your foot. Next time when you are into action keep in mind that these are connected with the chest and lungs.

Benefits of the Foot Massage

Foot massage is a great alternative to medications and has been practiced in almost all parts of the world. Read on to know the perks of foot reflexology.

Relaxation and Tranquility

Foot massage can eliminate stress and anxiety and take to you to a state of halcyon. Certain points in your foot contain a box like element where all your stress is stored. A massage can make you see off all these pieces of stress.

Enhanced Cleansing and Circulation

Foot packs certain points that are responsible for improved blood flow in the body. The massage induces relaxation by reliving all the stress and releasing oxygen through the body.

Stronger Immunity

Stronger immune system means you are free from being affected by diseases. The massage involves stimulation of the reflexes in the feet that promote healing and composure.

Sensual Elation

You might be delighted to hear this benefit of a foot massage. Usually people stumble to find some pieces that make their eve romantic. Did you know that a foot massage is great at transpiring feelings of love and affection in your partner.

So before you go to sleep prefer giving yourself a foot massage or you may also schedule a home service at Rubs Spa.

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