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Spa Party
  • Reservation

In order to gain assurance of the service the client is required to book at least 5 business days before the event. This is applicable to spa parties as well as individual services. However, there are meek chances of getting a massage service for the same day appointment.

  • Referral Program

The referral program of Rubs Spa lets you enjoy 5% of the amount of a service referred.

  • Cancellations

For cancellation of an appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours. For holding the reservation you need to provide your credit card number. In case of canceled or missed appointments, the card will be used to charge in full.

Deposits made for spa party are non-refundable. Therefore, if you cancel your spa party the deposit amount will not be refunded. However, one can reschedule their party date by notifying us at least 2 weeks before the original date and a change fee.

  • Set-up

Rubs Spa is an on-site massage service. The therapists will reach the venue 30 minutes before commencement. This is the time required to set the spa-like atmosphere. Tables, sheets, argon oil, forest essentials, creams, towels, and music will be bestowed.

A Rubs Spa therapist might ask you to survey the spa party location before the scheduled date. The client is required to play an active role in the creation of adequate space and coordinate with the party planning.

  • Late Charges

In case your party is extended beyond the time listed on the schedule, overtime charges would be applied. Our therapists would provide the best service to the guests.  Guests who have arrived late are served to the fullest. Yet though it is not always possible to provide the full appointment time to the latecomers.

If you desire you can extend the services with a charge of 1500 per hour. The payment is to be made in cash for the additional service time.

  • Communication

You can always have your word with the therapist. The masseuse can customize your Massage as per your needs and special requirements. The client must inform the therapist if he/she has a medical ailment or injuries. This would help the therapist take special care of the injured part.

  • Rewards

Gratuities are received with a note. These can be made at the diplomacy of each person and are much appreciated by the staff.

Phone : 9004405159

Email : rubsspa@gmail.com

Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West. Mumbai 400053