Healing Hands You Can Trust


  • <span>, Sun Pharma</span>
    "I am recommending them because I often use their Massage Home services. They used finest products. And has great skill to reduce your body stress and tension. You will be completely relax after their any therapy. I will highly recommend their body massage & Balinese therapy. It is ultimate and gives 100% satisfaction to your stressful body. Above all you can trust these guys calling them home."
    - Mrs Sheetal Mittal, Sun Pharma
  • <span>, HCL</span>
    "Rubs  is a gifted Massage Therapist, both in skill and in that soft intuitive touch that is essential in high-quality bodywork. He is diverse in his approach and is able to respond to his clients’ needs. As a celebrity nutritionist myself, my standards are rather high. And he meets every one of them with flying colors! I"
    - Mrs Tulika Mehra, HCL
  • <span>, Model</span>
    "Great Therapist.. Highly professional & I really enjoy their massage services. Have amazing therapies to relax you after a stressful day. Wish you all the best RUBS."
    - Mrs Payal Gidwani, Model
  • <span>, Doctor</span>
    "I am one of RUBS’s regulars. RUBS comes to massage me at my place because I have a few kids and I can’t leave them by themself. His massages are simply the best massages I have ever had. It’s my one mini vacation every week. Thanks Rubs"
    - Shaifali, Doctor
  • <span>, HCL</span>
    "Experienced,wonderful experts who make you feel completely relaxed. When you want a special treat give him a call"
    - Ms Shama Dadlani, HCL
  • <span>, Student</span>
    "Rubs  is truly one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever known. He has great energy and an intuitive sense that is unparalleled – he knows exactly where to work on your body to relax the muscles… I love his touch."
    - Aditi, Student