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Postpartum Massage

How your body will look after you have given birth to a baby? This would probably be one of those common questions every woman must be soliciting for. Pregnancy is usually a very mysterious condition and sometimes after delivering a baby you might be suffering from muscle and joint pain. Postpartum massage is given to a female just after she delivers a baby. Postpartum massage is commonly a therapy given to relax the body and heal certain points. One may be anticipating extreme relief from a massage

Postpartum massage is known to be highly beneficial as a post pregnancy massage. The bodywork is highly favorable and will surprise you with the after effects. Rubs Spa offers its guests with professional massage therapists who know how to take care of your body.

Massage is a very common practice and is widely known for its relaxing effects, reducing stress and anxiety. However a Postpartum massage has some eccentric benefits. The massage enhances hormone regulation, helps in a better sleep, improves breast feeding and reduces swelling. Now you must be wondering ‘How the massage does goes about?’  Simply scroll down to read how is a postpartum massage carried out.

How does the Postpartum Massage Begin

Rubs Spa is a magnificent massage center that practices massages for elegance and comfort. A Postpartum Massage is however done for taking special care of the newbie mother. Before the massage begins the therapist will ask you about any ailments or special requirements. Then he/she will ask you to change and put a delicate towel for privacy.

The professional will lubricate your body with essential massage oils and then gently applies pressure on your pelvic muscles. The added pressure on your skin causes stretch marks and sometimes pain. Movements involved in the massage aim at restoring your body to your pre -pregnancy conditions.

Benefits of the Postpartum Massage


Stress Reduction and Relaxation

A Postpartum Massage increases blood flow into your muscles and lowers the hormones that create stress. This brings you to a state of relief and relaxation. Some females prefer gentle strokes while some enjoy rigorous strokes during a massage.

Your body changes a lot after nine months of pregnancy. A Postpartum massage can drive you closer towards the healing journey and add value to your motherhoods goals.

Hormone Regulation

Postpartum massage boosts the postpartum hormone in your body. Progesterone an estrogen hormone rises during your pregnancy period and deceases after delivering the greatest miracle of your life. Massages reduces the stress hormone cortisol and brings you good mood and hormone balance.

Pain Relief

Pain after a delivering your baby is quite normal. Breastfeeding and childcare can cause shoulder and arm pain. A massage at Rubs Spa is an effective approach towards healing and relaxing the muscle tissues. Therapists here are skilled enough to relieve pain without any medication.

Heal Swelling

Pregnancy sometimes causes hormone imbalances in the body and after a delivery it goes through major changes. A Postpartum massage boosts the blood flow in your body and induces lymphatic drainage in order to eliminate waste products and toxins from the body.

 Improve Breastfeeding

This is one of the most loved benefits of a postpartum massage! Almost all mothers would love to breast feed their little one, and is the most beautiful gift one could give to their new born. A Massage therapy at Rubs Spa would surely increase milk production by enhancing blood flow and relaxing the muscles.

Relaxations leads to the opening of the shoulder muscles and revamp new born suckling.

Better Sleep

Massage is usually accompanied by a deep sleep. Most of the moms have reported that they feel extremely exhausted after giving birth. Baby care usually leads to fatigue and so you might not be able to get a good sleep. Massage can enhance your delta brain waves and thus leads to a good sleep.

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