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Build memories with Rubs Spa on-site spa party services. If you want to make your party the talk of the town you need to figure out what do you need to do. We can whirl your birthday party, baby shower, regular meet up or hen party into an imperative one. You just need to look for a snug place, select the desired spa services and watch us follow your lead.

The luxurious massage services are provided by certified therapists. Here at Rubs Spa, we offer you a wide range of massage and spa services. Choose from manicures, pedicures, Balinese massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, foot tubs, facial treatments and more. Create an opulent atmosphere and enjoy the spa aura. Our therapists are skilled to provide you a quirky spa party. You can talk with the masseuse and get assistance while selecting a party theme. Get a spa plan designed by us and save from paying those extra bucks.

  • Created from natural herbs – Ginseng roots extract
  • 100% safe for your skin
  • Quality product from Forest Essentials 
  • Created by Professionals of Rubs Spa

Kitty Spa Parties are fun yet easy. However, if you look over the last decade you will remember Kitty Parties were meant just for playing games, gossip or lunch at a neighborly location and a lucky member of the group would bag the kitty at the end of the party.

The way Kitty Parties were organized has changed massively. Gone are those days when middle-aged women with bright clothes on flocked in order to buzz. The new rage lets you socialize as well as pamper yourself with the healing touch of serenity.

Now, this is 2018 and Kitty Parties are completely redesigned and have replaced the ancient trend. Kitty Spa parties are high-end social events where females can plan for a rejuvenating and relaxing massage. If you are a massage frantic, you can get an endless effect of recreation and composure.

  • Refresh your Soul
  • Get out of Depression
  • Feel Amused
  • Modest way to find some leisure


These days the concept of hosting a kitty party at one’s dwelling has disappeared somewhere. Rather, females look forward to turning it into a spa party. Rubs Spa offers you on-site massage and spa services that are more innovative. You can select from the bouquet of therapies or get a customized Massage. Read more

Everyone knows Bridal Spa Parties are a stupendous affair, and the question of a day filled with detachment arises in the minds of every girl who is going to be a bride. Hosting a bachelorette party without an upper limit is easy. You can arrange a bridal party at your favorite location and share it proudly with the world.

People often consider that hosting a bridal spa party is quite complicated. A bridal party is one of those essential things you need before getting into the bonds of a new relationship. Because from what you have heard, you’ve concluded that bridal parties are a frantic task.

Lounge back at the lap of Rubs Spa and enjoy the dose of relaxation while being pampered. Rubs Spa has professional massage therapists that are efficient at taking great care of you. We are always ready to follow your lead. You can choose to play some good music in the background or sip your dearest drink while enjoying the spa services.

  • Get prepared & Pampered for the wonderful event
  • Extremely Relaxing & Fun
  •  An Ideal Gift to your Friends & Close One
  • Kick off all the Marriage Stress

Muster with your friends and cousins for a momentous occasion and bring alive those unsuccessful party plans. Thankfully, Rubs Spa is here with a customized package of tranquil and cosset. You just need to organize the party and allow us to offer the best on-site massage service.Read more

A wedding is one of the best blessings of life. This is the time when you are most excited and hurling towards a new start. But what about the aftermost bachelorette days? As the wedding bells make the tingling noise your stress levels would grow up and leave you craving for a dose of relaxation.

Needless to say, your bachelorette days are still the happiest ones that allow you to gossip with your mates with an open heart. Every special day is just an excuse to be happier and add more piquancy to your upcoming married life.

Our spa packages allow you to experience the complete day of pampering and retreat. They services pack a dosage of relaxation. You can spare some quality time to spend with your friends and loved ones. Rubs Spa has a wide range of packages that cosset you from head to toe.

Our experts are here to kick off all your wedding stress and anxiety. Rubs Spa is a relaxation center that drives you into a zone of relaxation and tranquil. Our massage and spa service packages are designed to take great care of you and assure that you are pampered. The therapist can fuse a variety of therapies that can make you feel rejuvenated and reposed before the wedding day. The treatment given at Rubs Spa enhances your beauty from the outer as well as the inner side of the body. The fusion of the steam and sauna leaves lets you feel fresh and detoxified.

Rubs Spa dispels you to offer moments of glee and relaxation to the upcoming bride as well as her friends. We offer a special care to the girl and her gang. Once you select from the package, our therapist would customize it, in order to extract better results.

Our menu comprises of a broad array of massage services that include- facials, massages, wet treatments, hair solutions, foot massage, spa treatments and other therapies. Moreover, we have a special range of packages that make the perfect gift for any such occasion.Read more


Do you usually know when the next trade fair will be held? If ‘Yes’ then it is possible to arrange for a spa or massage service. When you are new to the business, it is better to make your customers and subordinates happy with the help of a Massage rather than trying out other ways.

It does not matter that you are canvassing some business or divulging a new product in the market a Massage is always a great way to impress potential customers. Rubs Spa offers you the best way to enthrall and bewitch your patronage.

In a trade fair or exhibition, the customers have a broad array of choices. Each booth has a different type of attracting source. It is normal to just fix a call of attention in the usual form. This is acceptable when you know customers are going to hive at your place. However, it is always better to set yourself apart and publish a sort of call to action that is work accepting.Read more

A Convention Massage is one of the best things on the planet. Despite multiple alternatives, it has been proven to be the most relaxing way to stand out. This is one of the great inventions that can turn heads at a trade convention. A Massage is expected to change the way you have been performing at a convention.

One of the biggest concerns of conference organizers it to please their clients. Massages or spa services are too efficient at making an everlasting impression on your customers. Therefore, despite trying out those obsolete ideas of impressing your clients try out a convention Massage.

Why are Convention Massages so worthy?

Are you able to attract clients towards your convention or booth because your impressing strategies are well optimized? Well, that is a great thing for your convention. But what if the prime source of attraction fails?

Everyone is aware of a massage, thus before setting up for a conventional massage you need to know why it is so effective. A Massage takes people to a different level of halcyon and relaxation. Massage is a brilliant way to gift the customers with an indelible experience. Your purpose to impress your clients is only possible if you have good quality values that reflect health and well-being.Read more

Bringing the Spa experience to your corporate event is fun yet easy. However, this can be a very good thing for your business. But do you realize what would happen if your employees do not function well? Bring Rubs Spa to make your corporate event, wellness or recognition event, employee appreciation and spa parties in your workplace a great one.

We bring the spa retreat to your location. Instead of hosting a spa party at a foot state location you can invite your employees and co-workers at your comfort zone. You may choose a resort, a beach or your favorite place. Our therapists are effective at creating a spa-like atmosphere anywhere.

As per the Labor bureaus and industries, the overall performance of companies depends on the health of their employees. A massage or spa party would be the best gift one could give to his subordinates.  As you may be aware of the fact that Massage has been known to reduce the signs of stress and anxiety. Studies at the American Institute for Stress has proven that a major portion of the employees is unable to attend the workplace due to stress and anxiety. Probably the most common cause of the low performance of your employees is the physical or mental strain.

Therefore, a Massage would be effective to drive a person towards a better health and well-being. Rubs Spa offers you a perfect combination of a stress relieving and work-enhancing massage at your own place. You can get an ideal spa party program designed by our therapists. We deliver stress reducing and relaxing spa services at your workplace or some other destinationRead more

Enjoy your Spa Party anywhere

Finding a location for your spa party sounds something hectic! These days party season invites “no space” banners outside every frolic destination. Despite looking for a place to host your spa party you can take the spa services to any location you love. It may be a beachside, a resort or any other amusement struck place.

We have been offering home massage and on-site spa service for more than a decade. Our expertise is widely known across Mumbai. The isolated spa services offered by Rubs Spa is attracting the love of our valuable clients from all over the nation.

We would love to turn your party into a phenomenal one

Have you ever wanted to host a destination spa party? Although hosting a spa party seems like a great way to turn your guests exhorting for a longer stay, it’s not all that easy to do. Let us do the errand and the mash-up of two would surely turn into something that you haven’t experience ever before.

Sometimes, what you need is a planning source for hosting a party. Get in touch with Rubs Spa for injecting a dose of relaxation and tranquil into your spa party. Invite your mates for a get-together and gift them a fantastic massage session.

We offer customized on-site spa services for private parties, weddings, exhibitions, corporate events and employee wellness programs. Our motto is to drive your guests towards a state of extreme relaxation and moments of glee.

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime for 24×7 on-site spa services.

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