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Swedish massage

Finding a splendid and elegant massage to relax your body and soul is not a difficult task.Swedish massage has plenty of relaxation benefits. Massage is considered to be an opulent type of body work today, the Swedish massage proficiency is to relax the entire body and soul. Swedish massage is practiced throughout the world, especially throughout the West. The massage is enough to slacken the body and refresh your soul. This is seasoned by rubbing the muscles in a long gliding method in the direction of the blood flowing towards the heart. At Rubs Spa in Lokhandwala Complex, Mumbai females are most welcome for a Swedish massage. 

Those who often take a massage are quite accustomed to Swedish massage. In this post I will be explaining you some points important about Swedish massage, benefits of Swedish massage and will also compare Swedish massage with other massage techniques.

What is Swedish massage

The impact of Swedish massage is well known to those who have been visiting our spa regularly. If you are looking for the best massage for yourself, Swedish massage may be the right choice. Swedish massage was my favorite as it loved the strokes involved in it and its relaxing effects. Even if you do not get a massage often this one might suit you.     

Swedish massage makes you feel beyond relaxation and make you relocate to a heavenly place. Apart from luxury Swedish massage has a wide range of health benefits. The therapy is beyond relaxation, the massage boosts oxygen levels in your blood, revamps flexibility and circulation and reduces the muscle toxins level.

Inside Rubs Spa we have studied and found that clients who have received a 45 to 90 minuteSwedish massage felt a great shrink in their stress level and arginine vasopressin- which is a cortisol increasing hormone.

What Happens during a Swedish massage

Well, as you go ahead reading this blog youmay be curious about the techniques used while performing a Swedish massage. The massage is usually done in an extremely lavish and luxurious environment. The techniques involves a circular pressure that is applied by the hands and palms. The massage experts knead firmly and use movements like tapping, stretching and bending.

Swedish massage Benefits

The benefits of a Swedish massage might be known to you. If not, you are just a step away to knowing the perquisites of a Swedish massage.

  • The massage offered at Rubs Spa lets you see off your mental pressure and increasesconcentrating power.
  • After taking a Swedish massage you will feel that your mind is relaxed and enters a world of tranquil.
  • It halcyons your nervous system and stimulates the blood flow in your body.
  • The massage also injects a sense of well-being into your life.
  • Swedish massage is highly effective for enhancing your skin tone and muscle structure.
  • Getting a Swedish massage heals muscle injuries from an intensive workout or some other action.
  • After the massage you will get an improved quality of sleep that will have plenty of mental and emotional benefits on your body and soul.

If you are still confused between the two massages walk in our lavish yet affordable massage center at Lokhandwala Complex, Mumbai 400053 and feel free to speak to your experts. You can also enjoy a customized massage as per your requirements. You can also give us a call at 9004405159and book a massage for yourself.

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